Author Interview at Luna Station Quarterly

One crow sorrow,
Two crows mirth,
three, a wedding,
four, a birth,
five brings silver,
six takes wealth,
seven crows a secret,
more I can nae tell.

This week I did my first-ever author interview with Luna Station Quarterly, an online magazine that recently published my story Jane and the Crows.

Jane and the Crows is a dark fairy tale that I originally wrote for a contest in 2019. It did not do well in the contest. In fact, it knocked me out in the first round. But there was something about it I liked. So I went back to it several times over the years to expand and revise it before it eventually found a home at LSQ.

It was a lot of fun to revisit that story for this interview. It was my first attempt at writing a fairy tale (I’ve since written several others). They’re one of my favorite types of story to write. I love the way they combine elements of humor, horror, and fantasy.

LSQ’s interview questions are very in-depth. They plumb the story’s characters, plot, and themes. I had never analyzed one of my own stories like that before. It felt kind of like dissection (which I love! former biology major here), and, at the same time, like hanging out with old friends (Jane and John).

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