Other Stories

Black Gold (Flash Fiction Magazine, 2023)
A ghost receives some unexpected visitors in the mountains above Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Stoneheart (NewMyths.com, December 2021)
A grieving child wanders into a strange land and receives comfort from an unexpected source.

In Concert (100-Word Fiction, July 2021)
A woman turns a birth defect into a fame-maker.

The Looking-Glass (The Writers Club, May 2021)
A metaphor for a modern obsession, this poem pays tribute to “She Had Some Horses” by Joy Harjo.

Foreign Exchanges (The Wanderlust Within/Wingless Dreamer, May 2021)
A micro essay about traveling in Argentina during the financial crisis of 2002.
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The Clever Chef (Fudoki Magazine, March 2021)
In this modern fairy tale, an orphan girl makes a fateful bargain to save her family business.

The Plunge (Sunlight Press, December 2020)
One summer day, my 6-year-old taught me a lesson about taking risks.

Chicago Shall Rise Again (50-Word Stories, July 2019)
This is how the Great Chicago Fire really started. Or is it?

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