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Tiny Tales of Terror

Love horror? Got a busy life with very little time to read? Horror microfiction might be just what the reaper… ahem, doctor… ordered! With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to grab a copy of the 666 Dark Drabbles anthology, released this week from Black Hare Press. I’m delighted to have my… Continue Reading →

Summer Fun with Microfiction

My first-ever published story was microfiction, which is defined as a a very, very short story. How short? Generally 500 words or less. I am now up to 10 published microfiction stories, with several more due out over the next few months. Check out my latest stories below! Bad Kitty (Storytwigs, August 2021)A cat ruins… Continue Reading →

How Long Could You Survive Without Screens?

In this modern world, could you survive without computers for an entire day? My very own mom asked me that question when she read my latest story, Technically Speaking. My response? “Yes. If I were off in the woods. In my house it would be difficult!” Our home is pretty gadget-heavy, with at least a… Continue Reading →

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