Read my horror stories, ghost stories, and suspense tales below.

Roots (Two Thousand Word Terrors, October 2023)
Something sinister lurks in the bucolic fields behind a defunct drive-in movie theater.

Fortune’s Wheel (The Crow’s Quill, February 2023)
Read this poem on page 14 of the Tragic Fates issue
Tempt yourself, tempt somebody else, but don’t tempt Fate.

The Collectors (Tales of Sley House 2022, October 2022)
Available at Amazon
When a boy goes missing, his father knows the mysterious lights in the forest hold the secrets to finding him.

The Devil You Know (Post Roe Alternatives anthology, October 2022)
Available at Amazon
When the Governor outlaws abortion, Satan sees an advantage.

The Sailor and the Serpent (The Arcanist, September 2022)
When a storm at sea sets two men adrift, they must battle the evils that slowly invade body and mind.
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Home Sweet Home (Bullshit Lit Anthology 01, August 2022)
In this horror comedy, someone is trying to break in, and the homeowner is not pleased.
Available at BullshitLit.com

The Brentford Wives (That is SO Wrong! ​An Anthology of Offbeat Horror, May 2022) – Available at Amazon
When Carrie moves to a posh suburb, she joins the Women’s Club to meet her new neighbors, but soon she learns what lurks beneath their glamorous surface.

The Mirror Keeps the Score (Scare Street, Night Terrors Vol. 20: Short Horror Stories Anthology, May 2022)
Available at Amazon
When Eddie’s girlfriend tries a new beauty routine, he watches her slowly deteriorate, but can he trust his eyes?

Doll Face (Alder & Ebony (Hawthorn and Ash Book 3), Iron Faerie Press, April 2022)
Available at Amazon
An out-of-work model visits an agency that may offer more than she bargained for.

The Last Train (The NoSleep Podcast, Season 17, Episode 16, March 2022)
When Kenna answers a phone call from an upset stranger, it’s just another day at the office. But the next day, the caller winds up dead, and Kenna cannot shake the feeling that she might have contributed to the woman’s fate.

The Painted Man (A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales, Brigids Gate Press, February 2022)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers
Valarie rents a wing in an eccentric mansion for an artist’s retreat, far from the past she’s trying to forget. But soon she finds there’s more to the house – and her new landlady – than meets the eye.

Fever Pitch (Bag of Bones – 206 Word Stories: A Horror Anthology, February 2022)
Available at Amazon
He shouldn’t have pissed off a pro softball player…

Jane and the Crows (Luna Station Quarterly #48, December 2021)
A woman seeks answers from her dead husband to explain the dreams that haunt her, in this story that is part fairy tale and part horror.

Matters of the Heart (Short Story Town, November 2021)
Working-class Henry Cadogan goes to extreme measures to win the heart of Teresa de Muñoz.

The Train to Piper Hollow (Dream of Rust and Glass: Speculations from the Midwest, November 2021)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers
In the summer of 1986, a mysterious train passes through town, appearing to be a local legend come to life. Eleven-year-old Courtney must decide what’s real and what’s not before its strange passengers lure away local children.

In Hazel Hollow (Made of Rust and Glass: Midwest Literary Fiction, Volume I, November 2021)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers
As an old woman lies dying and a midwife attends a high-risk birth, an ancient spirit is on the move.

Attack: 1986 (Pestilence: Drabbles 1 (Revelations), Black Ink Fiction, November 2021)
A deadly sea creature devastates a mighty armada, but things are not as they appear.
Available at Amazon

The Cutoff (Trembling With Fear / Horror Tree, October 2021)
A woman comes back from the grave to get revenge on the crematorium workers who mutilated her corpse.

Machinations (Martian: The Magazine of Science Fiction Drabbles, October 2021)
In a dystopian future, a worker receives a secret request to aid in a revolution.

Driving Me Mad (White Enso’s “Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai: 100 Days, 100 Supernatural Stories”, October 2021)
Read the story (scroll to Day 79)
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Played Out (666: A Dark Microfiction Anthology, August 2021)
An angry ex plots a musical sort of revenge.
Available at Black Hare Press

Contagion (Sanitarium, August 2021)
An ancient book gets a modern opportunity to spread its ideas.
Available at Amazon

Reasonable Doubt (WRATH – SEVEN DEADLY SINS #7, A Black Hare Press anthology, April 2021)
At thirty thousand feet, a man receives an unexpected communication from his past.
Available at Amazon

Becoming Brandon (WATCH – A Black Hare Press anthology, April 2021)
A man goes to great lengths to prove himself to a beautiful woman.
Available at Amazon

Fan Fiction (HAVOK, March 2021)
A desperate man tries to discover the identity of the fan who’s stalking his famous wife.

Machinations (Dark Moments – Dark Sci-Fi, Black Hare Press, January 2021)
In a dystopian future, a worker receives a secret request to aid in a revolution.

Feast Your Eyes (Macabre Ladies: Extreme Drabbles of Dread anthology, December 2020)
“Nice eyes,” he said, looking at her like she was the tastiest morsel on Earth…
Available at Amazon

The Gray Man (101 Proof Horror anthology, July 2020)
A man on the street has a message for Shannon, and he won’t stop until she gets it.
Available at Amazon

The Tobin (Perspectives Magazine, p. 30, July 2020)
A bridge narrates the tale of a jumper who meets someone unexpected.

Incoming Call (Horla: The Home of Intelligent Horror, June 2020)
A widow receives phone calls from her dead husband’s number.

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