Well, Hello There

Hi, I’m Jen. Welcome to my writer’s blog! (Uh-oh, “writer’s blog” sounds a lot like “writer’s block”…)

As the next step in my writing endeavors over the years (Edit This Blog and Lawless Letters having come first), I’m now starting up this website as a portfolio of my writing and to establish an online presence as an author.

This site will provide:

  • Links to my published writing
  • Back story for some of my published pieces, e.g. how many times they were revised or rejected
  • News, contests, and other happenings
  • Any other writing-related stuff I come up with

This is the first site I’m building using WordPress rather than Blogger, and I gotta say, I am unimpressed by the clunkiness of the interface. It took me like 5 minutes just to figure out how to create a bulleted list. I find the “blocks” annoying and the navigation unintuitive. It is possible that I am a dinosaur (as the C64 image above will testify). It’s all good. Jen-o-Saurus Rex will figure it out one of these days.

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