The Devil You Know (Post Roe Alternatives: Fighting Back anthology, October 2022)
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When the Governor outlaws abortion, Satan sees an advantage.

Home Sweet Home (Bullshit Lit Anthology 01, August 2022)
In this horror comedy, someone is trying to break in, and the homeowner is not pleased.
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To the Highest Height (Space Squid, August 2022)
On the planet Hoth, Zenith and her friends eat some contraband chocolate, with catastrophic consequences for the ecosystem.

Taking the Field (The Twin Bill, July 2022)
In the waning years of the 21st century, environmental ruin has driven humans almost entirely indoors. When the internet goes out, a grandmother and granddaughter embark on an outing that might just change their lives.

What Happens in the Garden, Stays in the Garden (Moon Cola Zine, April 2022)
Spring break partier Evie grabs a snack before hitting the clubs and gets more than she bargained for.

How Joe “The Nose” Mulligan Survived 2020 (Deep Overstock, Superheroes Issue, April 2022)
A superhero sees a counselor to deal with the loss of his superpower.

“The Merry Real Housewives of Windsor” and Other Modern Shakespearean Adaptations (Deep Overstock, Shakespeare Issue, January 2022)

No Go (Silver Apples Magazine “Issue 17: Bad Decisions”, December 2021)
A man receives a mysterious phone call from his prankster brother.

Driving Me Mad (White Enso’s “Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai: 100 Days, 100 Supernatural Stories”, October 2021)
Read the story (scroll to Day 79) or Listen to the podcast
On her way to donate her deceased grandparents’ car, Liz discovers they’re not quite ready to part with it.

Bad Kitty (Storytwigs, August 2021)
The day Mittens Mahoney went from cute to infamous.

Exposing the Truth (Instant Noodles: Hot Fun in the Summertime, July 2021)
It was just supposed to be an innocent flip off the diving board…

Technically Speaking (Fiction on the Web, May 2021)
A couple competes to see who can go without screens for an entire day, with high stakes, hijinks, and high drama.

I’m the God of Science, and You Whack Jobs are Pissing Me Off (Women in Comedy Festival, March 2021)
Asclepius, the Greek God of Science, has a bone to pick with anti-maskers.

The Middle-Aged Mom and the Slutty Mesh Top – A Love Story (Sammiches & Psych Meds, December 2020)
Though it may hang in the back of the closet, this top could tell many tales.

Waterfowl Play (Perspectives Magazine, p. 31, July 2020)
Raven detective Corva Kasynzki investigates a mallard’s gruesome murder.

Things Mommy and Daddy Did While You Were On Your iPad (Little Old Lady Comedy, July 2020)

The Ballad of Bob and Jilly (Lighten Up Online, June 2020)
A timeless tale of a tattoo gone wrong.

Bad Girl, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dog (Funny Pearls, May 2020)
A narrative about getting to know my adopted dog, with a nod to Dr. Strangelove.

Charmed (Fudoki Magazine, April 2020)
A woman writes to her diary about the mysterious amulet she’s purchased.

Mt. Olympus, December 2079 (50-Word Stories, February 2020)
The Greek gods destroy humanity and start from scratch.

Hit the Road, Jack (50-Word Stories, November 2019)
The giant from Jack & the Beanstalk moves on to a new career.

On Second Thought, My 7th Grade English Teacher Was Not an Evil Witch After All (Potato Soup Journal, October 2019)
We all thought she was a witch. But she was actually awesome.
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Six Reasons Working From Home Is Less Awesome Than You Think (Sammiches & Psych Meds, September 2019)
Back before The Pandemic, I had been working from home for several years and discovered its unexpected pluses and minuses.

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