Summer Fun with Microfiction

My first-ever published story was microfiction, which is defined as a a very, very short story. How short? Generally 500 words or less.

I am now up to 10 published microfiction stories, with several more due out over the next few months. Check out my latest stories below!

Bad Kitty (Storytwigs, August 2021)
A cat ruins a party in this tale of accidental terror.

In Concert (100-Word Fiction, July 2021)
A pianist turns a birth defect into a fame-maker.

Exposing the Truth (Instant Noodles, July 2021)
A diver shows off more than just her backflip.

I joke that I’ve had so much success with microfiction because I don’t have time to write anything longer. When you have two young kids and a full-time day job, the struggle to find writing time is real!

But the truth is, I enjoy micro for its own sake. It’s a fun challenge to squeeze a whole story into a tiny word count. It’s great for readers, too, especially ones who read on their smartphone in five-minute chunks while waiting at the dentist’s office or in line at the grocery store.

Readers, what books or stories did you love this summer?

4 thoughts on “Summer Fun with Microfiction

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  1. Hey Jen – I learned about your site from a redhead we both know! 🙂

    I’m subscribed to your feed, and I have been submitting some microfiction of my own to one site, didn’t know about these.



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