Short Stories and Humor

COMING SOON: Matters of the Heart (Short Story Town, November 2021)

COMING SOON: The Train to Piper Hollow (Dream of Rust and Glass, November 2021)

COMING SOON: In Hazel Hollow (Made of Rust and Glass, November 2021)

COMING SOON: Stoneheart (
A grieving child wanders into a strange land and receives comfort from an unexpected source.

The Cutoff (Trembling With Fear / Horror Tree, October 2021)
A woman comes back from the grave to get revenge on the crematorium workers who mutilated her corpse.

Technically Speaking (Fiction on the Web, May 2021)
A couple competes to see who can go without screens for an entire day, with high stakes, hijinks, and high drama.

Becoming Brandon (WATCH – A Black Hare Press anthology, April 2021)
A man goes to great lengths to prove himself to a beautiful woman.
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Reasonable Doubt (WRATH – SEVEN DEADLY SINS #7, A Black Hare Press anthology, April 2021)
At thirty thousand feet, a man receives an unexpected communication from his past.
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I’m the God of Science, and You Whack Jobs are Pissing Me Off (Women in Comedy Festival, March 2021)
Asclepius, the Greek God of Science, has a bone to pick with anti-maskers.

The Clever Chef (Fudoki Magazine, March 2021)
In this modern fairy tale, an orphan girl makes a fateful bargain to save her family business.

Fan Fiction (HAVOK, March 2021)
A desperate man tries to discover the identity of the fan who’s stalking his famous wife.

The Gray Man (101 Proof Horror anthology, July 2020)
A man on the street has a message for Shannon, and he won’t stop until she gets it.
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The Tobin (Perspectives Magazine, p. 30, July 2020)
A bridge narrates the tale of a jumper who meets someone unexpected.

Waterfowl Play (Perspectives Magazine, p. 31, July 2020)
Raven detective Corva Kasynzki investigates a mallard’s gruesome murder.

Incoming Call (Horla: The Home of Intelligent Horror, June 2020)
A widow receives phone calls from her dead husband’s number.

Charmed (Fudoki Magazine, April 2020)
A woman writes to her diary about the mysterious amulet she’s purchased.


COMING SOON: Attack: 1986 (Pestilence anthology, Black Ink Press, 2021)
A deadly sea creature devastates a mighty armada, but things are not as they appear.

Machinations (Martian: The Magazine of Science Fiction Drabbles, October 2021)
In a dystopian future, a worker receives a secret request to aid in a revolution.

Driving Me Mad (White Enso’s “Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai: 100 Days, 100 Supernatural Stories”, October 2021)
Read the story (scroll to Day 79)
Listen to the podcast

Played Out (666: A Dark Microfiction Anthology, August 2021)
An angry ex plots a musical sort of revenge.
Available at Black Hare Press

Contagion (Sanitarium, August 2021)
An ancient book gets a new chance to spread its ideas.
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Bad Kitty (Storytwigs, August 2021)
The day Mittens Mahoney went from cute to infamous.

In Concert (100-Word Fiction, July 2021)
A woman turns a birth defect into a fame-maker.

Exposing the Truth (Instant Noodles: Hot Fun in the Summertime, July 2021)
It was just supposed to be an innocent flip off the diving board.

Machinations (Dark Moments – Dark Sci-Fi, Black Hare Press, January 2021)
In a dystopian future, a worker receives a secret request to aid in a revolution.

Feast Your Eyes (Macabre Ladies: Extreme Drabbles of Dread anthology, December 2020)
“Nice eyes,” he said, looking at her like she was the tastiest morsel on Earth…
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Mt. Olympus, December 2079 (50-Word Stories, February 2020)
The Greek gods destroy humanity and start from scratch.

Hit the Road, Jack (50-Word Stories, November 2019)
The giant from Jack & the Beanstalk moves on to a new career.

Chicago Shall Rise Again (50-Word Stories, July 2019)
This is how the Great Chicago Fire really started. Or is it?


The Looking-Glass (The Writers Club, May 2021)
A tribute to Joy Harjo’s poem “She Had Some Horses.”

Burned (2020 Waco Cultural Arts Fest WordFest Anthology)
A woman burns down her home after a love affair flickers out.

The Ballad of Bob and Jilly (Lighten Up Online, June 2020)
A timeless tale of a tattoo gone wrong.

Irreverent (Lawless Letters blog, October 2018)
A lighthearted look at a minor misdemeanor.

The Ruins (Dream Noir, May 2020)
A story about about a house that fell apart.

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