Short Stories

COMING SOON: Reasonable Doubt (WRATH – SEVEN DEADLY SINS #7, A Black Hare Press anthology)
At thirty thousand feet, a man receives an unexpected communication from his past.

The Gray Man (101 Proof Horror anthology, July 2020)
A man on the street has a message for Shannon, and he won’t stop until she gets it.
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Things Mommy and Daddy Did While You Were On Your iPad (Little Old Lady Comedy, July 2020)

The Tobin (Perspectives Magazine, p. 30, July 2020)
A bridge narrates the tale of a jumper who meets someone unexpected.

Waterfowl Play (Perspectives Magazine, p. 31, July 2020)
Raven detective Corva Kasynzki investigates a mallard’s gruesome murder.

Incoming Call (Horla: The Home of Intelligent Horror, June 2020)
A widow receives phone calls from her dead husband’s number.

Charmed (Fudoki Magazine, April 2020)
A woman writes to her diary about the mysterious amulet she’s purchased.


Microfiction is how I got my start in fiction writing. It’s a lot of fun to try to write a complete story in 100 words or less.

Mt. Olympus, December 2079 (50-Word Stories, February 2020)
The Greek gods destroy humanity and start from scratch.

Hit the Road, Jack (50-Word Stories, November 2019)
The giant from Jack & the Beanstalk moves on to a new career.

Chicago Shall Rise Again (50-Word Stories, July 2019)
A theory about the origin of the Great Chicago Fire.

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