COMING SOON: Burned (2020 Waco Cultural Arts Fest WordFest Anthology)
A woman burns down her home after a love affair flickers out.

The Ballad of Bob and Jilly (Lighten Up Online, June 2020)
A timeless tale of a tattoo gone wrong.

Irreverent (Lawless Letters blog, October 2018)
A lighthearted look at one of the most minor of misdemeanors.

The Ruins (Dream Noir, May 2020)
A story about about a house that fell apart.

In the Santa Rosa Hills (Lawless Letters blog, February 2019)
This ekphrastic poem is based on a painting by artist and author Dan Shepley. The painting is an excellent example of ambiguous facial expression, which made it intriguing to imagine the story behind the woman in the portrait.

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